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Recruitment of Foreign Instructors
 I.              Qualifications

Ø         Foreigners.

Ø         At least 3 years teaching experiences in the field of computer science in foreign universities£¬associated professors and professors in areas such as software engineering, human-computer interaction, digital media and embedded software preferred; or

Ø         At least 5 years development experiences as a senior software engineer in IT companies.

Ø         Excellent language and communication skills.


       II.              Job Description

Ø         Undertake the teaching of courses in the list attached.

Ø         Provide instruction for students in their software development practice.

Ø         Participate in the activities for course construction and teaching methods innovation.

Ø         Deliver lectures on IT technologies to students.

Ø         Provide guidance for young faculty in the college.


     III.              Requirements

Ø         Full time.

Ø         Work durations vary from 1-3 months (in summer holiday), six months, and one year and above.

Ø         About 12 class hours a week.

Ø         Can fix the on-board time six months before the class.

Ø         See attached for courses list.


     IV.              Remuneration 

Ø         Needed facilities provided (office, phone, computer, internet, etc.)

Ø         Enjoy other treatments as foreign experts of Sichuan University.


If you are interested, please contact with:

Name: Zhu Jialin

Address: College of Software Engineering, Sichuan University

       No. 24 South Section 1,

Yihuan Road

Chengdu, Sichuan, P. R.China

Tel: 13880695152

Fax: 86-28-85469560

and send your Curriculum Vitae to huqiong@scu.edu.cn.




College of Software Engineering

Sichuan University    

                                                         December 18, 2008  

Attachment: Courses List

Ø         Operating System

Ø         Computer Networks

Ø         Computer  Architecture

Ø         Software Architecture

Ø         Software Engineering

Ø         Database System

Ø         System Level Programming

Ø         Introduction to Game Design

Ø         Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

Ø         Pattern Recognition

Ø         Embedded System

Ø         Software Project Management

Ø         Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Ø         Digital Image Processing

Ø         Game Programming Technology

Ø         Middleware Technology

Ø         UNIX Operating System

Ø         Multimedia Technology

Ø         Computer Graphics

Ø         Software Process

Ø         Software Development Environments & Tools

Ø         Software Requirements Analysis

Ø         Wireless Network Technology

Ø         Network Engineering

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