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The Subject Librarian Program is designed to help librarians and Departments work together so that Faculty will appreciate existing services and assist in developments. Communications between librarians and Faculty will be enhanced, and services and resources can be improved.


  • Enhance formal and informal communication between Faculty and librarians.
  • Increase librarians' awareness of Faculty needs.
  • Improve Library services.
  • Enhance collection development activities.
  • Strengthen partnership with Faculty to make the Library an essential component in teaching and learning.
  • Facilitate Library collaboration with academic Departments.

Please feel free to contact the following Subject librarians: 


Subject Librarian College (School) Telephhone E-mail
Xiaowei Ren
College of Public Administration

College of Literature and Journalism
Department of Physical Education
85410516 libdinfo@scu.edu.cn
Yingzi Zeng
College of Chemistry

College of Mathematics
85410516 libdinfo@scu.edu.cn
Hong Luo
College of Foreign Languages and Cultures

College of Overseas Education
85410516 libdinfo@scu.edu.cn
Xiaoqing He
College of History and Culture

College of Artge of Economics
85410516 libdinfo@scu.edu.cn
Ying Yang College of Business

College of Economicslege of Politics
85410516 libdinfo@scu.edu.cn
Qian Liu College of Law

College of Politics
85410516 libdinfo@scu.edu.cn
Hongxia Li College of Life Sciences
College of Material Science & Engineering
85410516 libdinfo@scu.edu.cn
Ping Zhao
College of Medicine/ West China Hospital

West China School/ Hospital of Stomatology
85503206     chaxin@scu.edu.cn
Ping Xu West China Second University

Hospital/State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy 
85503206     xuping@scu.edu.cn
Pingjing Yu West China School of Pharmacy 85501158 pingjing321@scu.edu.cn
Yu Zhang College of Basic and Forensic Medicine  85501158  
Luwei Sun West China Second University

Hospital/ State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy
85503206 lesley@scu.edu.cn
Shuwu Cai College of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 85402225 awfinnhytfj@scu.edu.cn
Yongqing Bao No.4 West China Teaching Hospital 85503206 baoyongqing@scu.edu.cn
Lili Zhang College of Hydraulic and Hydra-eletric Engineering

College of Architecture and Environment

85402225 lily_lib@scu.edu.cn
Lu Li College of Chemical Engineering  85402225  beautylulu918@163.com 
Jing Hu College of Polymer Science and Engineering 85402225  gu.yue881@163.com
Jiuping Li
College of Computer Science
85402225 ljplib@scu.edu.cn
Qin Lei College of Electronics and Information Engineering

College of Physical Science and Technology
Lin Hu College of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 85402225 linhu@scu.edu.cn
Yanjuan Feng College of Light Industry, Textile and Food Engine 85402225 yanjuanfeng9070@126.com 

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